After the meal was finished,

There was a silence that seemed like it lasted for hours.

Then Snuff the Magic Troll sang:

The death of Idyllic Nurture birthed

the shadow of Universal Calamity;

The death of the Garden Queen birthed

the shadow of the Conspiracy Pond;

The death of the Good Employee birthed

the shadow of Caged Violence;

The death of the Family Organ birthed

the shadow of Mechanical Judgment;

The death of the Sudden Transformer birthed

the shadow of the Feeding Priest;

The death of Molecule Expansion birthed

the shadow of Abduction by Air;

The death of the Mountain Sacrament birthed

the shadow of the Haunting Mummy.

Snuff stopped there and there was another long silence

Broken only by the crackling embers of the fire that kept them warm.

Then Milos asked him to go on.

The Magic Troll cleared his throat and sang further:

The death of the Galactic Choral will birth

the shadow of Fevered Isolation.


San Francisco, 2016