Ten years are nothing when I'll never see you again

In the fall,

Or in the evening hours,

Or when the sun rises from the dead

When the winter comes,

In the freezing wind,

When your ashes turn to stone

Charging to the Plaid,

In the snow,

I know I'll be alone

Without your words in my ear,

In my sorrow here,

Somehow you were born again in my fear

In a chamber deep inside my head,

There'll be another summer, you said

Where times like now will make us sing

And forever,

In ten years,


People talk about happiness,

Its power to change

But it won't work on me,

Won't work on me,

And maybe I'm to blame

'Cos this overwhelming grief is not something I can take or leave,

Take or leave

When death can make me smile,

Like you want it to

Maybe then I'll know or feel like I'll know what to do

Still my love for you will make me sing,


Where ten years are nothing.


Portland, 2011