"Teeclaws unite," the Grand Beak chirped,

Setting wing upon the winds formulated by the great mechanical wheel-fan

Generated by the manual peddling of mine workers

Compelled by Mine Dragon One.

The Grand Beak flew for hours,

Until he reached the top of the atmosphere

Where he paused for a moment to activate his Molecular Bubble

And continued flight into space,

Reaching Seven's Space Station at the seventh hour.

Fortified by a draught of Crystal Pain

Upon arrival at the gate,

He then groaned, "Teeclaws disembark,"

And at once moved to inspect the prison cell block,

Long hallways shrouded in darkness.

He stopped to stand before cell number 333,

Gazing through the window.

He was pleased to see a monkey

Wrapped from head to toes in green, red and blue wires.

"Brainiac," he hissed.

The monkey, seeing the crazed eyes staring at him through the smeared window,

Reached out his hand, as if for help.

The Grand Beak shook his gnarled head in disgust and turned away.


San Francisco, 2015