Plug in

Turn on

Pounce upon my knee

Salivation upon my face,

And fingers

A little yelp

And a bark

I understand your language

I do

My friend—



Run and play

Balance hind leg

Rest yourself next to me

I am, too, exhausted

By the folly

And a bark

Shall remain an eerie howl

From the past

Vanishing into an escaping sound

My friend



Seat yourself proud

Stand above the crowd

Where balance is askew

Odd values brought forth

Through a fear

Approached but left

Fictional lives often retreat

Into memory

Well, perhaps once in a while

My friend



Paw the remote

Turn on turn off

Change the channel or not

Peer out the window

When the vision hits home

To catch a passerby

Moving too quick to keep

Or to bury like bones

In a grassy yard as Paradise was

My friend



Charge the bowl

Quench your thirst

Madman in a clever disguise

Melting within your mind

As he has in mine for years

Sad, angelic eyes

The right one wet, the left

Attempting to shut yet fail

'Fore this canine returns for he is

My friend



Appeal to the mass

Make new friends

In a different park of pups

Than the one I took you to

On long walks under the sun

Twilight laundry room

The strange, early morn after

To wash you clean of ills

You contracted from cold

And I looked after you

My friend



Resist the confuser

It may even kill you

If that is what you let it do

Environment of sterility

There, we once lived together

In the famous dog house

I designed, you built

Music videos kept us company

Blue radio microwaves

My friend



Predict the future

Whisper the bitter answer

In my better ear if you wish

Random stabs in the dark

Carried to a new day of existence

Knowledge of the unknown,

Doom-laden tomorrow flattened

Cruel imagination's weight to prevail

Like an anvil to crush our plan

My friend



Forget the fame

Forfeit this losing game

Unless to lose is your master plan;

To inflict pain on oneself,

Horrifying enemy eyes perpetuating

This voyage into the abyss

Forever to scout the escape route

Where fear-driven explorations

Ceased to exist long ago

My friend



Drift away, hide yourself

Stare into agony, face to face,

Suicide's embrace is cold yet befitting

Tragedy to behold and remember

Enslaved tho' denial be near its highest peak

Into chains, swallowed the key

Misfortunes torn apart into drivel

Photocopied onto tricky values

Deadly poison we drank

My friend



These bleeding words

If you think them less than sane,

Close your eyes & ignore the blackest ink

As your power be kidnapped and sold

I recall that icy basement occupied by the two of us

Our eyes fixed on the warm t.v. set

This li'l creature astride my soft lap

Now gazes into these brown eyes of mine

This eternal link, me to you

My dearest friend.


Portland, 2007