051210 Archetypal Conduits : MANTAS & I :

Deviations regarding a partnership that could only spring

Alongside the bowel movement of a Devil’s Advocate Supreme;

See the Manipulator radiate an Angel On My Shoulder at Todd’s Wheel;

Inside the Quixotic Throat.


Peering backwards,

To examine this particular Archetypal Conduit

To flow from the likes of studio apartment navigators

Mike, Jory, Shamsy, Manhole, Forrest, Loud & myself,

To name a few, at least,

Settling for a time within the intimate confines of the Monkey House —

NW 21st & Everett in Portland,

Shared bathroom on the other side of the wall,

Brown mucus sweating through and pouring down my side

Dripping from taped-up flyers.

Professing mescaline tears,

Refrigerator-related fears,

South Node Aquarian origin of a nebulous Goulash recipe,

A solemn Tower at the end of long voyage beyond the sea

(Death : Human : Australian pressing).

Laundry room/cellar:

Three bodies buried in the dirt patch,

Metaphorically Michael, Joris & I

Following the demise of ye olde Clitorectomy Ritual,

Was the landlord to forgive my neglect of the rent for four-months time?

Yes, he did, upon mention of said three bodies.

I discovered them.

041910 The burial of Swift : subsequent rescue of the cockroach at the Monkey House :

Spider at Bathcave : the Hari-Kari bee at Sawickster’s.


And lest we forget Al-Sawickster,

From the Land of Wait It Out,

Who first colored in the item Archetypal Conduit,

Fleshed out the term.

And now,


step forward.



San Francisco, 2012 (compiled from earlier notes)